Another day

Still hadn’t gotten around to my first Youtube video. I should probably do that. Hmm. I think I’m just stuck on what to talk about. I know it will come to me! I just know it?

How often am I supposed to write up these things anyways?

So I’ve been working on…stuff. Okay you got me. I’ve not really been doing anything at all. I worked on some play stuff at church, missed out on the second episode of American Dad, and worked on the Power Rangers site some.

I’m kind of boring x.x

Power Rangers is looking up for me though. Ignore the fact I’m a twenty five year old woman on a Power Rangers rp board. Don’t judge me! We’re totally going with kind of a ‘King in Yellow’ kind of theme so I need to get my books back from Sarah PRONTO! Besides, I kinda miss flirting with fate by reading Lovecraft before going to bed.

That could be something to vlog about. Should I try it? Dare I? Maybe when I’m not so sleepy.

So tell me, is there anything you avoid reading before sleeping?